PLEASE SEE UPDATED FULL PRESCRIBING INFORMATION FOR INCRELEX a site for healthcare providers is currently under construction.

If you think you or someone you know has experienced an adverse reaction to an Ipsen product, please contact Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. at 1-855-463-5127.

The Ipsen Coverage, Access, Reimbursement & Education Support (IPSEN CARES®) program serves as a centralized point of contact for the patient’s parent or caregiver, the specialty pharmacy, the physician, and the insurance company. IPSEN CARES® offers ongoing support throughout the treatment process.

If you have prescribed a patient with INCRELEX therapy:

  • Reach out to IPSEN CARES® to help facilitate the insurance coverage process

  • IPSEN CARES® will then send you the information needed, including the forms necessary to initiate the insurance coverage process

  • Once you complete these forms, and fax them to IPSEN CARES®, an IPSEN CARES® specialist will reach out to the patient

For more information about IPSEN CARES®, call 1-866-435-5677.